Callum Swan ‘Swanny’

Estimated as a 700 Million pound business and with a viewership greater than the NFL, Esports is on the tips of everyones tongues.

Callum Swan is a professional gamer, currently competing in the Call of Duty series. Callum’s journey began at the age of 16, driven by a passion for gaming and an inherently competitive nature. His increasing success coincided with the exponential rise of eSports, ultimately providing the opportunity to pursue a professional playing career.

Seven years later, Callum is at the forefront of a flourishing industry as both a player and personality. Whilst he continues to achieve international acclaim and amass a host of accolades as a competitor, his eloquence and likeable manner have proven well suited to brand campaigns and broadcasting, particularly in a commentary and analytical capacity.

Callum’s experience, professionalism and marketability have contributed towards his reputation as an ambassador of eSports within the UK. He is enthusiastically engaged in promoting the industry and maintains a popular presence within the media.

Callum is currently playing for Millenium, a distinguished European lineup who were recently crowned Stage 1 and 2 Champions of the European Call of Duty World League.


Photo Credit: Gfinity