Cinta Laura Kiehl

At 23,  Cinta Laura Kiehl has established herself   as a star. Cinta is an international actress of Indonesian/German descent. She is fluent in three languages and graduated cum laude from Columbia University in three years.

Cinta is currently featuring in movies both in the US and abroad. She has a huge social media following with a highly engaged audience, especially across Facebook and Instagram. Now based in LA, Cinta is exploring brand collaborations in the fashion, beauty and lifestyle space.

Beloved and acclaimed for her television and film roles,  she has also released two albums that collectively sold more than one million copies. After being in the public eye since the age of 14, Cinta has adopted an eclectic style which is both sophisticated and trendy. Cinta‚Äôs natural beauty and fun-loving personality has aided her in becoming the face of huge international campaigns such as The Body Shop and SugarBearHair.

She is extremely dedicated to her collaborations and is extremely conscientious to please the brands she works with, as well as her ever growing and loyal fan base.