Jade Jagger

Jade Jagger Born in Paris in 1971, Jade Jagger has since carved a feted reputation as an artist, creative director and visionary jeweller.

Jade’s childhood coincided with the halcyon days of the pop art scene in New York. Andy Warhol’s ‘The Factory’ inspired and nurtured Jade’s talent for painting. It was he who famously said, “I love Mick and Bianca, but Jade’s more my speed. I taught her how to color and she showed me how to play Monopoly. She was four and I was forty-four.”

With a lifelong background in the creative fields, Jade Jagger began making jewellery in earnest in 1993; travelling the world sourcing stones and building an insider knowledge of a tradition and art that extends beyond the offering of mass produced global brands.

In 2001 she took position as Creative Director for Asprey and Garrard, the world’s oldest luxury goods brand. During her tenure she designed and opened Garrard stores in London, New York, Tokyo and L.A, while bringing the house successfully into the 21st century with timeless collections including the still- best-selling signature “Wing” collection.

After seven years at Garrard she moved on to create a more exclusive brand sold in limited number and under her own name. This move brought the opportunity to work closer to the sources of production giving each piece more immediacy, and more room for greater experimentation and creative freedom.

All jewellery produced under the Jade Jagger name is crafted from precious metals and quality gem stones that have been individually hand selected from trusted, long-standing suppliers in Jaipur.

Every item is carefully hand-made using traditional methods, employed by goldsmiths, gemstone and diamond cutters, carvers, polishers, setters, threaders, beaders and enamellers; bringing their skills together to work each piece into something tangibly unique and beautifully realised.


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