Julia Hardy

Julia Hardy is an experienced TV Presenter, writer, radio presenter and live host from London specialising in technology, video games, YouTube and pretty much anything to do with the online self.

Currently BBC Radio 1 / 1xtra’s first ever video gaming presenter producing monthly content for iPlayer, as well as hosting the first ever video game radio show last Christmas and appearing on a host of other BBC TV and radio programmes.

Previously Julia has had a weekly technology and video games slot every Friday on Sky News Sunrise, looking at the latest news stories, as well as live demonstration of new technology.
Julia has recently just finished a Radio One Stories documentary called ‘Rockstar Gamers’ which looked at the new wave of youth making careers out of playing video games for a living. The hour-long documentary was one of the most popular that Radio One has ever seen, so much so it trended on Twitter. She is currently in the process of pitching new documentaries to shoot for them this year.

Julia has also worked for Jamal Edwards’ successful YouTube channel SBTV for the past 2 years, producing and presenting their games and gadgets content. Her team’s content engages a very tech savvy young audience, as well as working with large brands such as Samsung to produce advertorial content.

One of the things Julia is most passionate about is affecting change for women. She has a blog called Misogyny Monday, which holds a sharp-tongued mirror up to the abuse that women receive online. Having worked in one the most outspoken and misogynistic of worlds (video games), she is never short of content. Julia is also a keen advocate for Human Rights having lived in a Burmese refugee camp for a year and once gave up alcohol for 365 days to raise money for Amnesty International.

She has previously worked for 4Music, BAFTA, Bravo, Vice, Challenge TV, The Mirror Online, Channel 5 News, Kerrang! and Current TV as well as a host of large brands too.