Louise Thompson

Louise Thompson, 26, is the rising star of Instagram having built an impressive following of 1 million followers on the popular social media platform.

The Fitness, Fashion and Lifestyle Influencer rose to fame in the UK playing a prominent role in the BAFTA winning television series Made in Chelsea. Thompson has since forged a path online growing a significant global following across her social channels and has collaborated with some of the world’s biggest brands in fitness, fashion, beauty and lifestyle.

Known for her sharp fashion sense Louise has fronted social campaigns for a number of leading clothing retailers including global hosiery brand Calzedonia, high street retail giant Primark and leading performance wear brand Sketchers.

Most recently Louise’s passion and dedication to her health and fitness has caught the attention of the world’s media outlets as she continues to document the progress of her incredible body transformation on Instagram.


- Ambassador for Rimmel London, Calzedonia, Juicy Couture, Primark, Huawei, Sketchers, JD Sports