Roman Kemp

At just 23,ROMAN KEMP is one of the country’s youngest and most promising broadcasters, with his own daily show on hit music station CAPITAL FM. He now has his own prime-time show, 7-10pm Monday to Thursday. He also has a very successful mid-morning slot on Sunday, which is one of the most popular shows in the ratings chart. He has interviewed some of the biggest names in the entertainment industry,
including the likes of Justin Bieber, Little Mix, Meghan Trainor, Calvin Harris, Ariana Grande, Selena Gomez, Ed Sheeran and Jennifer Lawrence.

Born in Los Angeles, Roman has always had a keen eye on the entertainment world. At the age of 15 he signed a record deal with UNIVERSAL MUSIC. With a development deal with MERCURY, he got to work with great artists and play incredible venues.

In Summer 2016 Roman was announced as part of THE X FACTOR presenting team for the new series. He plucked the key role of digital presenter and resident social media reporter for THE X FACTOR with
his own segment on the live XTRA FACTOR ITV2 show, in addition to hosting all online content for the main X Factor show. The new series began in August.

Roman began showcasing his flair for presenting from his bedroom in 2013, when he started uploading videos to YouTube. From there he created the football channel PITCH INVASION TV. Experimenting with his role as an online presenter, he began posting comedic content on his channel, with hilarious pranks and impressions. His impressions are something he is still famous for, something that the X Factor audience will be able to attest to,having seen his convincing impressions of judge Louis Walsh.

Roman continued to solidify his online presence in 2014, presenting ADIDAS ‘GAMEDAY PLUS’ to over 1.1M subscribers. His works for Adidas saw him travel all around Europe to interview and spend time with the best footballers in the game, including 6 World Cup winners.

Roman’s other work includes fronting 4MUSIC’S ‘EPIC NEWS’ and presenting for NICKELODEON on their ‘NICK KICKS’ show. He also recently hosted ‘THE HOT DESK’ for ITV, ‘IN THE ZONE’ for MTV as well as
RED BULL’S ‘CAN YOU MAKE IT’, an innovative series premiered live on RED BULL TV. Before his presenting took off, Roman also forged a successful modelling career, modelling campaigns for the likes of TOPMAN and DROPDEAD.


- Presenter, Capital FM, 2014 - Present
- Presenter, Xtra Factor - Social Media Reporter & Online Host. ITV2, 2016
- Presenter, NickKicks, Nickelodeon, 2016 - Present
- Presenter, ‘Can You Make It?’, RedBull TV, 2016.
- Presenter, Game Day Plus - Adidas, 2014 - Present
- Host, Adidas UK & Global Events, 2015 - Present
- Presenter, The Football Republic, 2015
- Onliners & OldTimers, Sky One, 2015.
- VO - Clark’s / Disney, 2015
- DJ Gig - Versace, Magnum, Charity Stars, UK BlogAwards, H&M, Groucho
- Creator of YouTube Channel - Roman Kemp,  2014- Present. (37k Subscribers)
- BetFair - Presenter 2015
- Hotels.Com Campaign. 2015
- Dr Pepper Campaign, 2015
- Presenter, EpicNews - 4Music, 2014
- Presenter, The Magic Spray - The Sun Online, 2014.
- Channel 5 News, Guest - 2014
- Creator of PitchInvasion TV, 2013
- Model, TopShop, 2012
- Model, ASOS, 2012
- Universal Music Contract, 2009-2011
- BBC Sports, Football Researcher, 2010 - present.
- Sky Sports, Football Researcher, 2010 - present.
- Talk Sport, Football Researcher, 2010 - present.