Where’s Mollie

Mollie, 23, is the blogger, vlogger, photographer, videographer, personality and travel expert behind Where’s Mollie?

Mollie’s blog was born in 2013 when she finished her A Levels in and spontaneously headed out on a 9 week trip around Asia. Initially Mollie’s blog wheresmollie.com was simply a place for her to document memories to look back on in years to come, but after placing links on social it began sparking the interest of those around her. Mollie grew up in Berkshire, UK, but for the last 2 years has hopped through 35 countries living out of her suitcase and working with brands to fund her adventures.

Mollie is a UK Ambassador for GoPro and has worked with a diverse set of clients from tourism boards, swimwear brands, technology brands and fashion labels right through to airlines, beauty and fitness whilst on her travels.

Mollie prides herself on creating relatable and inspiring content for her travel community to ultimately inspire them to step out of their own comfort zones and to pursue their own dreams. Mollie creates comprehensive travel guides and too shares tips, hacks and personal experiences throughout all of her adventures. The good, the bad and the ugly.

With her love for travel shining brighter than ever, Mollie is excited to explore new lands this year but also to develop additional arms to the Where’s Mollie? brand.