Alice Liveing

Alice Liveing is a health & wellbeing influencer, bestselling author and Personal Trainer. Using her own experience of transforming her lifestyle, Alice has inspired a shift in the modern-day consumer’s attitude to healthy eating and exercise.

Encouraging people to enjoy a balanced diet and increase their activity levels, Alice’s genuine message and passion has seen her build an audience of over 630K followers and release three books; The Body Bible, Eat Well Every Day and Everyday Fitness.  A qualified Personal Trainer, Alice also works with clients one to one, to help them reach their fitness goals.

Alice’s global reach has seen her appear on of leading publications globally, including the NY Post and Women’s Health UK, who she’s a monthly columnist for. Alongside these, she hosts her monthly Liveing Well panel events. Alice has launched two of her own collections with Primark, as well as worked with brands including, River Island, Sweaty Betty, Herbal Essences and Samsung. She has also been made an ambassador for Women’s Aid.