Allison Kelley

Southern California native, Allison Kelley, is a style, travel, and skincare enthusiast. Originally from San Diego, Allison moved to Los Angeles in 2017 to explore a career in content creation where she developed her online persona ‘But What Should I Wear.’ Allison loves to share the in- between moments of her life from her travels and home decor, to her skincare routines and body positivity. Despite wearing several hats, Allison continues to showcase her personal style through her casual yet achievable, everyday outfits. 

Over the past two years Allison has grown with her audience by sharing an organic glimpse into her life. Whether it’s a bad skin day or a spontaneous vacation with her boyfriend, Allison always shares authentic content. 

Allison focuses her energy solely on brands that she believes in - her honesty shines through every piece of content she produces, and has resulted in a highly dedicated and engaged following.