Amber Venz Box

Co-founder of rewardStyle and,  no one knows more about influencer marketing than Amber. However, what you might not know is Amber is an influencer herself. She started her career as a blogger almost 9 years ago and soon realised that there was no real platform available to assist bloggers with monetizing their content. With her husband Baxter, Amber created rewardStyle, the leader in global content monetisation and brand partnerships! Alongside running the business, Amber is a full-time Mom who seamlessly juggles being the ultimate GirlBoss with Mommy life. She lives in Dallas, TX, with her husband, Baxter, son, Boyce, daughters, Birdie and Bizzy, and their Rottweiler puppies. Amber has a strong focus all things family, including creating a beautiful, loving home. Incredibly, Amber still finds time to create content and you can find all her outfits and peek into her work life, her home interiors and discover the latest trends on her blog and the app.