Chessie King

Chessie King is a Presenter, creator and Best Selling Author. Her honest and open approach to her day to day life has proved popular and gained a following on social media.
She sees herself as a Big sister and role model who isn’t afraid to talk about the taboo subjects that people may not necessarily share and speaks about the subjects that you wished you had learnt at school.

Presenting has always been a passion of Chessie since the age of 17, when she started her career and it is her approachable and warm nature that shines through.
She has worked with a number of hugely prestigious brands such as Nike, L’Oreal, Dove and Rimmel to name a few.
Her infectious energy and creative content is what brands are drawn to and she is very proud of the work she has done to date.

She has worked closely with charities such as Cybersmile to combat and build awareness of online trolling and bullying, CoppaFeel and British Heart Foundation, all of which are extremely important to her. She is an inspiration to many young people across the Uk and beyond.