Connie Simmonds

Connie’s journey on social media began as a self-taught make-up artist, and she had a very promising career in the beauty industry. However, it was in November 2016 that she underwent a huge personal transformation, the effects of which were huge for her online career.

Being overweight, Connie’s health hit rockbottom, and she realised she had to make changes. She embarked on a huge weight loss and healthy eating journey. Within 12 weeks she dropped 2 dress sizes, and documented her huge transformation closely on her Instagram: @conniesimmonds.

Her transformation hit the headlines and received half a million views on the Daily Mail Online. Her beauty Instagram page became her healthy weight loss journal, inspiring thousands around the country and world to ditch the excuses and get active. “If I can, you can!”.

Connie now promotes self-love, body confidence and, most of all, beauty from the inside out. Makeup used to be Connie’s answer to confidence, but now it is merely the cherry on top.

Embracing her curves, Connie loves the motto “health is not a size, but a lifestyle”. Only recently, she featured in Glamour Magazine as part of their British Beauty campaign.