Help I Sexted My Boss

Life is full of personal calamities. Thankfully, William Hanson and Jordan North are here to help you navigate the daily struggles of modern life. Well, most of the time… William and Jordan’s lives couldn’t be more different. One’s more Buckingham Palace, the other’s more Crystal Palace. But that doesn’t stop them sharing very different advice on today’s everyday problems. Whatever the conundrum, they’re here to help!

Jordan North is a radio presenter on a certain national radio station. In his spare time he works as a professional northerner in London, the big city. He can be heard, but not always understood, on a certain national radio station between 10:30 and 13:00 every Friday, Saturday and Sunday. His years of practice in the industry mean that he is now very good at talking for large periods of time. Those words are often more easily relatable than those spoken by his opposite number.

William Hanson teaches etiquette. Yes, really. That’s actually a job. He travels the world teaching people how to behave at every possible social or diplomatic occasion. From royal families to leading business people to feral TV personalities, William has refined them all. Now his biggest challenge comes in the form of his good friend Jordan North.