Jada Sezer

Jada is essentially a creative activist, dedicated to making people feel empowered.

She has a Masters in Child Psychotherapy but during her studies noticed the powerful affect the media has on young people’s development and its devastating results from lack of representation.

She begun campaigning on instagram and grew a following instantaneously. Her uplifting message and unique images went viral and she became one of UK’s first plus size models championing self esteem, body confidence and mental wellness.

Jada has shoot for ASOS, Vogue, Mango, Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfigire and has been the face of L’Oreal beauty and John Freida.

She is often asked to share her insights on panel discussions. Most recently giving talks for Adidas, Sweaty Beaty, Hearst Magazines, MELT festival and tech conference TOA.

In 2018 Jada ran the London Marathon in her underwear to redefine and represent that fitness is for everyBODY. In 2019 she created the ‘Celebrate You’ campaign, over 900 women joined her and ran 10K in their underwear. In 2019, she became the first plus size Women’s Health Magazine cover and in the same year became an ambassador for Adidas featuring in their global Superstar campaign.

Her podcast “Unsubscribe” reached the top 50 international podcasts chart in the first week. Jada interviews a mix of high profile and newly discovered extraordinary women and uncovers the skills they’ve developed to make a stand against adversity, push back societal pressures and stay mentally sane in the process.

Jada is also an ambassador for UN WOMEN (uk) and avid supporter of the Royal Foundation’s mental health charity Young Minds.

In 2017, ‘Save The Children’ took Jada to Palestine to learn about the mental health effects of children in conflict.