Joesph Denison Carey

Joseph Dension Carey first burst onto our screens in 2020 when he
joined the ITV ‘This Morning’ family as one of their regular chefs.

Born and raised in North London, Joseph undertook his chef training in
Italy, spending time with the team at the Michelins star ‘Ristorante
Gellius’, before returning to his roots where he began working at ‘The
Water House Project’ and ‘Pidgin’.

In 2018 Joseph, alongside his friends Henry and Noah, started ‘The
Bread+Butter Supper Club’ as a way of bringing people together and
they plan to resume it when the pandemic is over.

Alongside this, Joseph has built quite the following online and has
worked with brands such as ‘Waitrose’, ‘Matches Fashion’, ‘Sage’, and
‘Missoma’, whilst also becoming a brand ambassador for ‘Kenwood’
and ‘Mango Man’.

2021 was a big year for Joseph as he fronted a couple of new
primetime cooking shows. These
included ‘Cooking With The Stars’ on
ITV, and ‘Ainsley’s Good Mood Food’,
also on ITV.