Maria Corrigan

Maria Corrigan is a new mom, entrepreneur and fiancée to actor and model Nick Bateman. The pair met over a decade ago and will tie the knot on their 11th anniversary in 2019.

Maria is no stranger to adventure, having been born in Brighton, UK and then moving to Ontario, Canada, where she was raised, a change of scenery is just part and parcel of Maria’s action-packed life. Four years ago, Maria moved to Hollywood, California but when the time came for the couple to start their family they moved out of Hollywood and into the suburbs. They now live in Santa Clarita, California, with their beautiful baby, Chase, who they are totally in love with, and their two yorkies, Joey and Keeva. You can follow along with all of their puppy love on Instagram: @joey_bateman (234K) and @keeva_bateman (56.2K).

Maria has a background in content creation and management, but her talents don’t stop there. She is an entrepreneur through and through, with a stake in apparel firm DTLA, as well as having a strong passion for all things fitness. Along with being a trained yoga instructor, Maria is an ambassador for a well-known gym in Hollywood, where she can be found doing every HIIT class on offer! Her interest in fitness is strengthened by her technical background in cardiovascular technology.

Maria wears many hats, both metaphorically and literally! With a highly engaged audience who follow along with her passions for lifestyle, fitness, family and fashion, Maria’s page offers brands a fantastic platform to reach her active female audience.