Martin Kemp

Martin’s career set off In 1979, when he formed the new romantic band Spandau Ballet playing bass guitar. The group went on to tour the world and had a number of Top 20 hits in the 80’s. The single ‘True’ made the American Top 10.

By the late 80’s Martin had married Shirlie, one of the backing singers from Wham, and had started a family. He was then asked to star alongside his brother Gary in the film ‘The Krays’ which was a huge success. He then moved to Hollywood where he made several films! In 1998 he was offered the role of Steve Owen in the BBC’s Bafta Award winning drama series EastEnders. During that time Martin won numerous awards including Best Male Actor at the National TV Awards in both 2001.

More recently Martin was seen in The Family another 6X1 hour drama for ITV, played the role Will Spencer in the British Feature Film Back In Business and directed two feature films Stalker a horror/thriller and Top Dog a gritty movie for Universal.

His book ‘True – An Autobiography of Martin Kemp’ was published in 2000 and spent several months in the Sunday Times best sellers list.

In the summer 2016 he covered Graham Norton on BBC Radio 2 Saturday morning Show along side Fearne Cotton, and fronted two shows for Discovery / Quest in 2016 - Murder Files & Detective.

Martin has toured all over the UK 2016 with his popular ‘Audience With’. And is now touring the country with his ‘Back to the 80’s’ DJ sets!

Recently Martin has appeared as a Judge on BBC’s entertainment show ‘Let it Shine’ and a travel documentary along with wife Shirley, ‘The Road to Saigon’