Pilot Maria

Maria Pettersson is a Swedish native who currently resides in Sicily, but she is never in the same place for too long, as her job as a commercial airline pilot for one of Europe’s largest fleets and her love for travel and adventure sees her flying across the globe. Visiting many different countries every month of the year, from free diving in Gili T, Bali to flying fighter jets in Riga, Latvia.

Maria first started sharing her content as a pilot when she launched her Instagram page in 2015, she quickly amassed an engaged audience, increasing by the thousands as she shared her perspective from with inside the cockpit whilst complementing the technology of the aircrafts she flies, with beautiful aerial shots of the landscapes and scenery of the countries below. Maria launched her blog www.pilotmaria.com, in 2016, initially set up to share her adventures with her family and friends, she had no idea that she would have such a passionate global audience who wanted to follow her world of aviation and travel. In just over 6 months Maria has launched her dedicated Youtube page and gained over 100,000 views. New to vlogging and editing, Maria was approached by leading versatile camera company, GoPro to be one of their select global ambassador’s.

Maria’s passion for creating exciting, motivating and beautiful content is at the heart of what she does. She wishes to inspire a generation of dreamers and believers and prove that with self belief and hard work, anything is possible. Maria’s professional passion is aviation and her job as an airline pilot, but luckily this also compliments her personal goals to travel the world and fulfil her desires to visit all corners of the globe whilst capturing and sharing her journey through photography and video.

Maria’s content platforms provide the perfect opportunity for brand collaborations, with particular focus on the areas of travel, fashion, beauty and technology. Maria loves discussing briefs and objectives and partnering with brands who are happy to let her lead on creative direction and authentic integration. She also partners with talented self-shooting directors, who use the latest HD technology with drone capabilities for those brands looking to procure extra special deliverables.