Music has always been Jess Mills first love in her multi-faceted career as a mother, musician and political and social activist. Previously known for her chart-topping and radio success from the hit song Fighting Fire with iconic electronic producer Breakage to her own project released on Island Records. Since then she has gone on to write hits for the likes of Tieks (Say A Prayer), Joe Goddard (Ordinary Madness, Music Is The Answer), Wilkinson (Sweet Lies).

Two years ago, she also launched the project named Slo which has seen her follow her heart in terms of making the music she connects with, a blend of classic songwriting and beautiful downtempo electronic production. This year will see her release a full-length debut Slo album.

Aside from music and the joy of recently becoming a mother, Jess has had other important missions to tackle.  She is one of the original core team and directors of Help Refugees.  A humanitarian organisation founded by a group of friends in response to the refugee crisis unfolding in Europe.  Initially just set out on raising £1000 and a van full of aid, they are now the largest provider of aid to the refugee crisis in Europe, working in 10 countries, provided for over 700,000 people with a range of services, everything from Search and rescue, to early childhood programmes for children, to shelter, food and water.  Winner of the Guardian Charity Partner, the Jo Cox Liberty Award, with their Choose Love campaign being supported by some of the biggest names in music, art and film for the past 2 years.

In addition to the above, since her mothers’ diagnosis of brain cancer in 2017, Jess and her Mother, Tessa Jowell, have founded ACT for Cancer, and also joined the global Eliminate Cancer Initiative.  ACT has launched a national campaign which aims to make the most innovative treatments available to all patients on the NHS and the Eliminate Cancer Initiatives global campaign endeavours to make cancer a non-lethal disease for our generation.  Their campaign has triggered the Brain Cancer Mission, now adopted by Government to transform outcomes for cancer patients all over the country within the next 2 years.