Swarzy Macaly

Swarzy Macaly is a gifted host and presenter with a natural ability to find the heartbeat of any conversation across all genres including music, film, TV, sport, and current affairs.

Born and raised in East London, Swarzy is a radio presenter at KISS FM UK and joined the company after winning the KISS Chosen One competition in 2016. As well as interviewing headline names such as Craig David and Tinashe, and bringing the fun to many KISS FM events, Swarzy now hosts her own show on KISS Fresh every Saturday and Sunday from 3PM-7PM.

But radio is only one string to her bow.

As Swarzy’s background is deeply rooted in on-screen presenting work, it is no wonder why she is involved in hosting events, panel discussions and leading interviews as the official presenter for both Levile (the home to film and TV in the UK) and Midnight Madness (the UK’s biggest basketball competition that showcases the best in hoops and entertainment.)

Swarzy’s love for presenting also spills into her passion to explore conversations further through her ideas for documentaries and performing spoken word poetry. Swapping between microphone and pen gives Swarzy the freedom to continue her journey of seeking answers whilst wrestling with today’s biggest questions.

Most recently, Swarzy has explored her passion for activism through her involvement in volunteering for the Grenfell Tower relief effort. From supporting local groups to attending panel discussions and screenings of ‘On The Ground At Grenfell’, Swarzy has remained on the ground since the tragedy as shown by interviews on BBC, ITV, and most recently on Channel 4 News.

The road ahead of Swarzy proves very exciting. With her quiet confidence on and off camera and her fearlessness to think on her feet, Swarzy is everything an audience and guest want in a presenter to bring conversations to life.