Symphani Soto

Singer/songwriter and lifestyle influencer, Symphani Soto, grew up inspired by R&B vibes and the power of music. Influenced by the powerful female vocals she was raised with, Symphani decided to explore her passion for music and instrumentals and make the move from Florida to Los Angeles in 2017. Just a year later, Symphani paired up with Grammy-nominated producer, Bizness Boi, and released her debut project, “I AM”, receiving rave reviews from critics and fans alike. Since then, Symphani has collaborated with Sean Momberger, Monty Booker, Jesse Boykins III, and James Flauntleroy and is constantly praised for her lyrical transparency and smooth melodies. While the music industry is still a major priority for Symphani, her creativity is not limited to the music realm and has been translated across all social media platforms.

Symphani’s passion for the digital world and all things fashion and beauty has been embraced by her loyal yet growing social media following, drawn in by her classic yet edgy style. Whether it’s through her smooth melodies or her artistic imagery, Symphani is sure to attract a highly engaged audience across her social platforms.