Victoria Jane

23 year old singer and presenter Victoria Jane is either on the radio or on the radio. She has just secured her own BBC Radio 1 show, ‘Radio 1’s Future Soul’, which will be a space for her to showcase R&B, neo-soul and more. Not to mention, she’s been consistently releasing her own music which is putting her name on the map as one of the most exciting new talents to emerge from the UK R&B scene.

Building her reputation as one of Manchester’s most exciting new sounds following a slew of recent heat; including chilled record ‘Sunday’ and single ‘On My Own’ (which sparked the interests of the likes of Chip); Victoria has had a collection of dynamic releases including her latest EP ‘Golden Hour’. All in the run up to Victoria’s mixtape which she hopes to release early next year.

Her sound is a new wave of R&B. She uses relatable lyricism combined with stunning vocals to draft music different from the rest.

Having performed at London’s iconic Jazz Cafe, Manchester’s reputable Band at The Wall, not to mention performing alongside J Grrey on part of her UK tour; Victoria Jane is yet another young talent who’s name is sure to be up next.