Multi- instrumentalist, Songwriter and artist Jonasu has in a short space of time seen himself climb to the forefront of the rising stars list in the Pop and Dance music world. His songs and songwriting contributions have seen him accumulate hundreds of millions of streams and gain international recognition amongst his peers and fans alike. Having previously toured the world as a session musician, Jonasu has now turned his attention to creating songs with catchy melodies, driving house beats and unforgettable hooks in this his first solo outing.

Jonasu boasts an innate ability to make people move. It’s something he learned early on when he first started making music, “The reason I loved playing drums was that people started dancing,” he explains, an undeniable and true musician whose training and influence were born during his decade long stay in Amsterdam. He now resides in Berlin, but spends his time recording in studios out of London, Stockholm & L.A. creating his next anthem. A lover of food, wine and enjoying the city with friends, Jonasu has barely scratched the surface of what’s to come for this talented young artist.

“There are a million ways to dance but everyone does it for the same reason - joy.” - Jonasu