Tom Zanetti

From Leeds to Ibiza, Yorkshire’s very own Tom Zanetti has gone from throwing local parties to grabbing spots in the Official UK Charts, not to mention becoming a global name within the vibrant world of Dance music.

Born and raised in Leeds, a Northern city tucked away in the heart of Yorkshire was a budding emcee and DJ named Tom Zanetti whose love for music ran through his blood – quite literally! Growing up watching his father DJ in the 90’s and listening to the likes of the Heartless Crew, MC Vapour and Eminem, of which Tom vividly remembers him and his dad blasting out his music to the entire street, “We used to play ‘The Slim Shady’ LP and put the speakers in my bedroom window facing outwards to the street and turn it up full volume and have the whole street listen to it!”. 

Stringing words together from a youthful age, he took a liking to poetry at school; little did he know this would be the start of what has turned out to be a hugely successful career. Like any kid with a dream, Zanetti’s determination was unquestionable. From recording a CD at his local studio, which his friend later sold at school, Tom started gaining recognition which only encouraged him to take his passion for music to the next level. “There was a CD stall at the market in Leeds where you would get all the underground music from that you couldn’t get in HMV”, and it was at this stall his burnt CDs were flying through the roof. 

When he turned 17, him and his friend Christian decided to throw a big party that ended up selling out – even though at the time he wasn’t old enough to get into the venue – Tom knew he could use this as not only a way to make money but create a name for himself as a reputable emcee. Night after night, he would stand outside the nightclubs Casa Loco and Niche handing out flyers advertising his parties as people were leaving the clubs. By the age of 21, Tom bought his own nightclub and his parties turned out to be a huge success in the Northern part of the UK. 

Bursting onto the scene with his “Darlin’” drop back in 2015, Tom has since gained over 720,000 Instagram followers, and 2.2 million monthly Spotify listeners with a slew of wheelup worthy bangers including “You Want Me” and “Flight Mode” with assistance from fellow Northern emcee Silky.
Having now performed across the globe in places such as Ibiza, Mozambique, Dubai and more, Zanetti recently bagged his first Top #20 single named “Didn’t Know” as an independent artist. Having accumulated over 20 million streams, and just under 4 million views on YouTube alone, Tom Zanetti has become a force to be reckoned with – and rightly so!