Paloma Faith

Her upcoming album “The Architect”, being released on 17th November 2017, is quite a departure for the soul singer from Hackney. It elegantly combines the political with the personal, addressing substantial topics in a relatable way. Raised on classic soul music, Paloma found herself returning to one album in particular for inspiration: Marvin Gaye’s 1971 masterpiece ‘What’s Going On’, which shows how you can deliver social commentary with warmth, intimacy and beauty.

She wanted to use any influence she has to challenge, as well as to celebrate what’s good about this world. Paloma wrote the songs with a supple ambiguity, to leave room for listeners to bring their own interpretations.

“I was adamant with this record that I wouldn’t write about love – I wanted to look outside of myself and write about wider issues facing our world. But, ironically, when you listen to it it’s really a whole album about love.”  Paloma Faith]

Commercially, she is the only British female after Adele to have all her three albums go double-platinum in the UK. All three albums — 2009’s ‘Do You Want the Truth or Something Beautiful?’, 2012’s ‘Fall to Grace’ and 2014’s ‘A Perfect Contradiction’ — have vastly outsold the last, peaking in 2015 when Paloma won her first BRIT Award for British Female Solo Artist.

You can see it at any Paloma Faith live event. The audience dress up and know the words to all the songs – enjoying every moment of Paloma’s theatrical performance. The stage is immaculately dressed by Paloma to reflect her highly tuned visual sensibility. She might emerge sporting a huge feather plume, a variation on the showgirl, but one who takes her influences from a vast knowledge of film and theatrical culture. An acute sense of dynamic and drama punctuate the show, enhancing songs that draw on musical influences as diverse as Billie Holiday, Etta James, P J Harvey and Edith Piaf. Yet this is no arcane performance – this is something that could easily touch huge crowds in stadiums, so universal are the songs.

Born in Hackney, London, Paloma Faith is half Spanish and half British. As an ex magician’s assistant, trained contemporary dancer, St Martin’s alumni with an MA in theatre direction, a performer in burlesque shows, and an actress, Paloma has been mixing artistic media throughout her short adult life. A few years ago she introduced music, her primary love, into the equation, at first mimicking the blues and soul singers she so admired, but eventually finding her own voice.

She is also a brilliant DJ who dons her custom made stiletto head phones and plays a mixture of 40’s – 90’s RnB and throws in a couple of commercial anthems to boot, she knows how to work the crowd!

Paloma has been booked to DJ at many Corporate, PR and Branded Events.

Insanity represent Paloma for DJ sets only